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The historical origin of Holland Flower Park
The Holland Flower park originated from a relationship between the Republic of China era and the Netherlands. Xinfeng Township was a large area of saline-alkali land more than two hundred years ago. The crop yield was low, and the indigenous people can only make a living by fishing and boiling salt.
In 1919, Zhang Jian, a well-known Chinese industrialist, hired a young water conservancy expert Henry Telek from the Netherlands, the most experienced and technologically advanced country in the world to reclaim land from the sea and improve saline soil, A four-level irrigation and drainage system, making full use of rainwater to make the soil desalination technology overcome the flood hazards, Xinfeng has won the reputation of "the first town in the planning of the Republic of China".
From a high altitude, you can see De Rijke’s plan. There are neatly arranged checkerboard-like waterways on the land, covering more than 700 Huali. For this huge project, De Rijke has worked in China for four or five years. The designed drainage system was constructed by Zhang Jian mobilizing 500,000 people and spending 20 years.
These projects are matched with the construction of the sluice of the sea wall, which will dilute the salt and alkali of Dafeng.
Until now, the water conservancy projects he built are still in effect. In 2012, in order to strengthen the construction of cultural industry, and commemorated the Dutch water conservancy expert De Rijke and the 500,000 people who paid for the change of this land, Xinfeng Town government deeply explored the historical heritage of the first town planned in the Republic of China era., and combined the climate of Xinfeng Town. The favorable conditions and the soil environment are suitable for the growth of tulips, planting tulips, making every effort to build the Holland Flower park project, and strive to make it the first flower sea of tulips in China.
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The “Kingdom of the Netherlands”, officially named “ Koninkrijk der Nederlanden” (Dutch, literally translated in Chinese as “Kingdom of the Netherlands” )consists of four independent sovereign states: its main territory in Europe and the small island territories in the Caribbean: Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten. The “Kingdom of the Netherlands” is usually simply called “Holland” but essentially Holland is only referred to two of the regions within Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland, the two current Dutch provinces of North Holland and South Holland). The name “Holland” is used to refer to the whole country since ancient China, and this name is still in use today.
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