“The Cloud” Playground
The first non-powered park in China, organically integrates the "tulip" characteristic of the Holland flower park with the facilities. It includes jumping clouds, music swings, rotating sightseeing towers, unpowered treadmills, ziplines, and other projects. It is interactive, safe and reliable , Parent-child tourism projects that are entertaining and educational.
Children’s playground
The children’s playground is located in the Holland Flower Market, covering an area of 350 square meters. The facilities are geared towards children aged 2-8. It includes "Bending Trees", "Pirate Ships", "Slides", "Moving", etc. It is a paradise for children, bringing the best childhood memories to the baby!
Omnijoi International Cinema
Omnijoi International Cinema-the Holland Flower park cinema is located in the Dutch style street at the entrance of Holland Flower park. The theater has several screening Rooms. It is one of the best places for your leisure and entertainment. The cinemas are all synchronized with the market.
Flying over the Netherlands
This is a wonderful and extraordinary fantasy journey-starting from the colorful underwater world, heading to Amsterdam, to experience the exotic, flying over Giethoorn, feeling the breeze, small bridges and flowing water, crossing back to the spring holland flowers park, immersed in "Unique Love of drama land"
Game Carnival
The game carnival is located in front of the Giethoorn Restaurant, whether it’s angry birds or frog jumping, sandbags or hoops, red lines or jumping balls, it’s not easy! If you want to win the super prize, you must make a strategy in advance.
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