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1、The validity period of our Annual Card is one cycle year, that is, it is valid within one year from the date of application, and it can be used after the card is replaced after the subsequent payment of the annual fee. You can log on to our official website or WeChat personal center to check the validity period of the annual card. The time of entering the park must be in accordance with the normal business hours announced by the scenic spot;
2、It can be used on the day of purchase. When entering the scenic area to visit, please take the initiative to show your annual card and valid ID. The annual card only includes the first ticket to the scenic spot, excluding the park in the park, explanations, and tour guide services, etc.
3、The annual card is a real-name system. If you purchase multiple cards at a time, you need to bring the holder’s ID card to the annual card window in the ticketing hall to get it.
4、Once the annual card is sold, there is no refund. If you lose it, you need to bring a valid ID to the card sales window of the Dutch Flower Sea Ticketing Center, and pay the new card cost of 10 yuan per card.
5、The annual card is for personal use only and cannot be lent. Any alteration, forgery, or lent is deemed invalid. Once discovered, the scenic spot (spot) has the right to temporarily detain and deal with it;
6、In order to ensure tourism public safety, if the scenic area holds major festivals, competitions, and other force majeure factors, or exceeds the maximum capacity of the scenic area, the annual tourism card function can be temporarily adjusted. Please pay attention to the announcement on our official website.
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